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“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!”

9 Oct
"On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!"



14 Jul
Preppy Punk

Hurley shirt

Patrizia Pepe denim jacket
$380 – zalando.co.uk

Canvas loafer

Sophia Webster zipper top

Skull earrings

Clear plastic eyeglass
$7.54 – newlook.com


30 May


Three words come to mind when I see Miguel  : ECLECTIC,  EDGY and EVER-EVOLVING.  Not since Prince, has there been an artist so innovative with his music as well as his fashion. Typing the phrase ‘Miguel Fashion Style’ into Google and watching his video for Adorn and the newly How Many Drinks, only  further cemented my belief that he is a fashion icon in his own right.


Every true artist has their signature style. For Michael Jackson it was the glove, for Beyoncé its the wind machine, I mean you didn’t really think her hair blew like that on it’s own did you? And for Miguel it’s a leather jacket and stylish sunglasses that never leaves his side.  I love a man in a suit, however a suit and tie doesn’t always equate to style. And what draws me to Miguel, is the fact that he has his own unique style that he created to cater to his very unique personality.


The R ‘n’ B rock star has such a futuristic take on fashion, it’s not a shock that he admires Hedi Slimane of Saint Laurent Paris.  “I’m a huge fan of Hedi Slimane’s photography. I want to meet this dude, and the fact that he’s running Saint Laurent, a Parisian brand, from Los Angeles makes it extra ill to me.”


Another thing that sets him apart from the rest is the fact that he knows the importance of accessorizing and… how to do it. Yes, straight men can benefit from accessorizing too. You will always see him with a statement necklace or ring to complete his look. His favorite pieces include his John Lennon-style Ray-Bans, a Cast of Vices ring, white gold Cartier bracelets and rings, and a wallet chain by the Great Frog.



Miguel is the definition of individuality, his confidence shines through not only in his music, but also in his style.  In a world filled with men dressing the same because they are too afraid of being considered ‘gay’ to try something different, Miguel is a breath of fresh air. He’s a visual voice for the stylishly challenged, proving that the only way you can achieve your own signature style is with confidence.

And that is the perfect FASHION TURN ON for me!


Is Miguel changing the way men dress? Is his style a MESS or a YES??


10 May

Because I am loving all things “Flapper“, I felt the need to create a few style collages of some of the best looks of the Roaring Twenties. Yes, I am turning into somewhat of a fanatic of all things Gatsby or maybe it’s Leonardo Dicaprio that has made me this way? Hmm..


gg2I was drawn to this cover when I first saw it. This is elegance and glamour at its finest! I felt the need to try and recreate it with a few pieces. I am really loving the jewelry from the 20’s. I’m making it my mission to hit up the nearest vintage shops. Or better yet, raiding my grandma’s jewelry box!

1920’s FASHION


I’d like to imagine that this would serve as an everyday outfit for women in the 1920’s. It would definitely serve as one for me now!  I am fascinated with cloche hats and art deco jewelry, they are such wonderful, timeless pieces to have in your wardrobe. They define effortless chic!


1920 flair

A perfect night on the town fit for a Flapper Queen! This look screams “let’s go out, have fun, and dance the night away!”  Now, if only I had an upper class, A-list party to go to and a handsome date? I wonder if Leo is available….

Are you as obsessed with 1920’s fashions as I am? Are my style inspirations a MESS or a YES?

Feel free to share your thoughts.



1 Apr



Hi, my name is Miss Monet  and I have an addiction to Justin Timberlake! His musical resume is quite impressive, but what impresses me even more is his newly adopted look. Music and style go hand in hand; you can’t have one without the other. That would be like having peanut butter without jelly, or a suit without a tie (no pun intended). Majority of people won’t even remember an artist for their performance; they’ll remember it from what that artist was wearing. Lady Gaga anyone? My point is there is no music without style, and luckily, Mr. JT has successfully found a way to merge the two.


Watching him ignite the stage at this year’s Grammy’s was proof that this is a new and improved Justin. The 20/20 Experience is such a mature sound and it is only fitting that with a new sound comes a new look. I love it when artists evolve for the better, it makes them more relatable. Gone are the days of the curly blonde hair and cornrows, the outlandish boy band getups or that God-awful matching denim outfit that he wore with Britney.

Matchy matchy

Matchy matchy

Yes, I even loved him dressed like this....

Yes, I even loved him dressed like this….

Instead we have been graced with Tom Ford suits, butterfly bowties,  a new hairstyle, and that amazing cap toe Christian Louboutin shoe that every man should have. Check out the Mirrors video if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about.


Christian Louboutin "Gareth"

Christian Louboutin “Gareth”

Bringing StyleBack.  Currently, being dubbed the new Cary Grant, or Frank Sinatra, JT has proven that he is every stylists and designers dream come true. Tom Ford, who has lent his talents to Justin’s new style, was shocked to know that style and class still exist with the younger generation.  “When you’re someone in your early 50s, and a major global pop star who’s barely 30 identifies with your style and wants you to make all his clothes, you think, ‘I’m still valid,’ ” Mr. Ford said.  “These kids grew up in a generation of baggy shorts and baggy athletic clothes, and now they want some kind of little formal touch to something,” he added. “They want the glamour of suits and ties.”   

Bringing Style Back

Bringing Style Back


March 2009

This is how a couple should match! I approve!

This is how a couple should match! I approve!

New Life. New Wife. New Style.

New Life. New Wife. New Style.

Thoughts on Mr. JT’s new style?? Is it a MESS OR A YES?