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FASHION NEWS: Tory Burch Enters the Billionaires Club

4 Jan

Tory Burch is a billionaire. Yes billionaire with a ‘B’, and if that’s not a great way to start the year off I don’t know what is.  Although I am not a fan of her designs, I am a fan of her work ethic, and how well she runs her empire. And clearly she runs it very, very well. From starting her company in her kitchen (talk about humble beginnings)  to joining the 2013 Forbes World’s Billionaires list in March, she has made a good use of the last decade. Hearing this news was definitely motivational for me, I admire people who beat the odds, especially women, it gives me hope and inspires me to push forward with my dreams.  To go from starting a fashion label out of your home in 2004, to now being the second youngest self-made billionaire in America proves that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Congratulations Ms. Burch I hope your empire continues to blossom!


Tory Burch



22 Oct

Enlighten. Encourage. Empower.

Three words with so much meaning. Three words that exude positivity. And three words that describe the basis of COLORBLIND MAGAZINE. 

ColorBlind magazine is an online publication “devoted to celebrating and recognizing the beauty and strength of minority teen girls and women”. Based out of the Metro Detroit area, the magazine will highlight local and national events, news, culture, education and more. The founding ladies, Leah Johnson, Veronica M. Grandison, and Brittney Moore, attended The University of Michigan- Dearborn, where they met, became friends, and eventually conceived the idea of ColorBlind.

From a dream to reality, after a long 9 months, ColorBlind has officially launched! Now, I understand I already flashed the Spotlight on Hayden Williams (fashion illustrator), however I feel that it is only fair to Spotlight a fabulous trio of beauties that I am very pleased to know.

This month’s second Spotlight will shine brightly on COLORBLIND MAGAZINE!

  History has been made!  The empire has begun! Congratulations ladies, you have arrived!! So so proud of you!!!

Be sure to check out ColorBlind Magazine’s first issue and the many more issues to come!     www.colorblindmagazine.com


17 Oct

Victoria Beckham + Karl Lagerfeld + Coco Chanel’s House = SPEECHLESS 

Photo Shoot for Elle France Nov 2012