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27 Aug

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards took place Sunday night in Brooklyn at The Barclays Center, and it got me to wonder. Why does MTV still do this show when they don’t even play videos anymore? And secondly, is this really what people consider music??  I only got through an hour in an half, right after Justin Timberlake, before shutting it off. I just couldn’t torture my eyes and ears any longer. What I can say is that there was a lot of borrowing going on amongst some of the star entertainers. So without further delay, let’s get into the MESS or YES fashions of the VMAs.2013-mtv-vmas-ciara

ciara Beyonce1

Ciara showed up wearing Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Fall Couture 2010. If this looks familiar it’s because Beyoncé wore the same dress last year at The 2012 Met Ball. Apparently, Ciara fell in love with the dress back in 2010 and always dreamt of wearing it. It was a risky move considering someone else wore it first. However, Ciara pulled it off quite nicely, dare I say, it actually looks better on her. YES!


Selena Gomez is becoming quite the fashionista and I’m loving every minute of it!! She looks stunning in Atelier Versace Fall 2013. This dress just so happened to be one of my favorite looks during the haute couture Paris show! YES!!!!  This is how you transition from child star to young lady. Miley take note!!


Another favorite look of mine came from Rita Ora, she wore Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall 2013. Now if you are an avid reader of Miss Monet, you’ll recall that I wrote a review praising the entire collection and I stated that I could see Rita Ora in a few pieces from this line. Apparently, I got my wish!! YES!! Check out my review here http://missmonet.net/2013/07/05/fashion-week-alexandre-vauthier-fall-couture-20132014/

katyperry grillz

Katy Perry wore an Emanuel Ungaro dress to the raunchy festivities. If this looks familiar, it’s because Coco Rocha wore the longer version to the 2013 Met Ball, see I told you there was a lot of borrowing going on.  Katy did her best to make it her own, although I appreciate the effort Katy, you tarnished the entire look with that tacky grill in your mouth. MESS!!


Taylor Swift looked like old Hollywood glamour in a navy Herve Leger gown. I really enjoyed seeing this on her,  the hair, jewelry and red nails only added more elegance to it. YES!!

ladygaga mtv vmas

Apparently Lady Gaga had dinner with The Addams Family before she hit the red carpet. Mother Monster dazzled her legion of fans in a gown from Prabal Gurung and a long black wig from the Morticia Addams collection. MESS!

Lady Gaga performs1

Lady Gaga performs

Houdini ain’t got nothing on Gaga! She did 3 or 4, who knows cause I stopped counting, wardrobe changes during her performance of her new single, Applause. The barely there little mermaid costume was what she kept on for the duration of the show. She danced, sat and shimmied in a thong the entire night. However, the real star was not Gaga, it was her backside. Kind of hard not to miss it. The girl does her squats, either that or she’s secretly related to the Kardashians.  Costume was a MESS! Her butt was a YES!

Apparently Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez agree.

Apparently Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez agree.


Fresh out the Disney Channel box is the Twerk Queen formerly known as Miley Cyrus. Miss Cyrus caused quite a stir on Sunday night, the first being on the red carpet. Miley, seen here wearing Dolce & Gabbana, borrowed two things. 1) Gwen Stefani’s hair style circa 1997 and 2) Kanye West’s teddy bear from the College Dropout album for her raunchy performance of We Can’t Stop.


She started out with a Chuckie-E-Cheese looking leotard and soon stripped down to some nude undies for her performance of Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke, who borrowed his suit from Beetlejuice.


I never understood why child stars feel they have to do the most outrageous things to prove they aren’t children anymore. We get it Miley you are no longer Hannah Montana, you don’t have to keep shoving it in our faces (pun intended). It was in extreme poor taste to perform this and it really made me question MTV. How did this make it past rehearsals?? This performance was so bad it made Britney Spears’ 2007 VMA performance look like a work of art. This was a MESS for Miley. A MESS for Robin. And a MESS for MTV.

justin timberlake

The man who basically stole and saved the show, was the “President of Pop”, Justin Timberlake. I’m not even going get into to his look, I’m already giving him a YES! Very bias I know, but it’s my blog. With that being said, every 90’s kid around the world eagerly anticipated the reunion of *NSYNC. Thankfully a reunion did happen, unfortunately if you blinked you probably missed it.


Wearing Suits but no Ties.


I hadn’t been this excited since the Destiny Child reunion at the Super Bowl, so it was kind of a bummer when they performed together for 2 minutes. No real medley was played for the fans, but maybe that was for the best considering the guys clearly had a hard time keeping up with JT. All in all, it was great to see them back together and great to see Justin Timberlake perform for 15 minutes, and pick up his well deserved award. YES!

By the way, the fact that I can remember all of *NSYNC’s and JT’s songs proves I’m getting old. When did that happen?!!

Did you torture yourself and watch the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards?

Was the show and the fashions a MESS or a YES?