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5 Mar
A MUSTHAVE for Spring 2013! Can you say WHITE HOT!

A MUST HAVE for Spring 2013! Can you say WHITE HOT!

Recently, I’ve noticed more and more celebs are wearing white pumps, and I gotta say I love it! White pumps are no longer for Easter Sunday service anymore, they can be worn with just about anything. It’s the perfect pop of color to spruce up any look. So why are many people skeptical of this on going trend? I’ve been on many fashion sites and lately I’ve noticed that whenever a white shoe is shown on someone the comments are always negative. Even when I ask random women about white pumps they cringe at the thought of wearing them. I’m so sick of hearing the phrase “I would wear those if they wear black”, or “I just can’t get with wearing white shoes”.


Ladies, can you honestly look at this picture and say that white shoes just “don’t go with this outfit”. Ignore the fact that it’s Kim Kardashian (for all the KK haters out there) and judge the outfit. Is this not chic?



Stop being afraid to step outside of the box. There is nothing that a black pump can do to an outfit that a white pump can’t.  Black is safe. Of course if a particular shoe came in black you would wear it. You probably already have it.




Fashion is all about fun and being able to take a risk. Don’t overlook the next white stiletto you see, you’ll be surprised at how many ways you can style it.

What do you think of the white shoe trend? Is it a MESS or a YES?