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27 Aug

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards took place Sunday night in Brooklyn at The Barclays Center, and it got me to wonder. Why does MTV still do this show when they don’t even play videos anymore? And secondly, is this really what people consider music??  I only got through an hour in an half, right after Justin Timberlake, before shutting it off. I just couldn’t torture my eyes and ears any longer. What I can say is that there was a lot of borrowing going on amongst some of the star entertainers. So without further delay, let’s get into the MESS or YES fashions of the VMAs.2013-mtv-vmas-ciara

ciara Beyonce1

Ciara showed up wearing Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Fall Couture 2010. If this looks familiar it’s because Beyoncé wore the same dress last year at The 2012 Met Ball. Apparently, Ciara fell in love with the dress back in 2010 and always dreamt of wearing it. It was a risky move considering someone else wore it first. However, Ciara pulled it off quite nicely, dare I say, it actually looks better on her. YES!


Selena Gomez is becoming quite the fashionista and I’m loving every minute of it!! She looks stunning in Atelier Versace Fall 2013. This dress just so happened to be one of my favorite looks during the haute couture Paris show! YES!!!!  This is how you transition from child star to young lady. Miley take note!!


Another favorite look of mine came from Rita Ora, she wore Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall 2013. Now if you are an avid reader of Miss Monet, you’ll recall that I wrote a review praising the entire collection and I stated that I could see Rita Ora in a few pieces from this line. Apparently, I got my wish!! YES!! Check out my review here http://missmonet.net/2013/07/05/fashion-week-alexandre-vauthier-fall-couture-20132014/

katyperry grillz

Katy Perry wore an Emanuel Ungaro dress to the raunchy festivities. If this looks familiar, it’s because Coco Rocha wore the longer version to the 2013 Met Ball, see I told you there was a lot of borrowing going on.  Katy did her best to make it her own, although I appreciate the effort Katy, you tarnished the entire look with that tacky grill in your mouth. MESS!!


Taylor Swift looked like old Hollywood glamour in a navy Herve Leger gown. I really enjoyed seeing this on her,  the hair, jewelry and red nails only added more elegance to it. YES!!

ladygaga mtv vmas

Apparently Lady Gaga had dinner with The Addams Family before she hit the red carpet. Mother Monster dazzled her legion of fans in a gown from Prabal Gurung and a long black wig from the Morticia Addams collection. MESS!

Lady Gaga performs1

Lady Gaga performs

Houdini ain’t got nothing on Gaga! She did 3 or 4, who knows cause I stopped counting, wardrobe changes during her performance of her new single, Applause. The barely there little mermaid costume was what she kept on for the duration of the show. She danced, sat and shimmied in a thong the entire night. However, the real star was not Gaga, it was her backside. Kind of hard not to miss it. The girl does her squats, either that or she’s secretly related to the Kardashians.  Costume was a MESS! Her butt was a YES!

Apparently Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez agree.

Apparently Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez agree.


Fresh out the Disney Channel box is the Twerk Queen formerly known as Miley Cyrus. Miss Cyrus caused quite a stir on Sunday night, the first being on the red carpet. Miley, seen here wearing Dolce & Gabbana, borrowed two things. 1) Gwen Stefani’s hair style circa 1997 and 2) Kanye West’s teddy bear from the College Dropout album for her raunchy performance of We Can’t Stop.


She started out with a Chuckie-E-Cheese looking leotard and soon stripped down to some nude undies for her performance of Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke, who borrowed his suit from Beetlejuice.


I never understood why child stars feel they have to do the most outrageous things to prove they aren’t children anymore. We get it Miley you are no longer Hannah Montana, you don’t have to keep shoving it in our faces (pun intended). It was in extreme poor taste to perform this and it really made me question MTV. How did this make it past rehearsals?? This performance was so bad it made Britney Spears’ 2007 VMA performance look like a work of art. This was a MESS for Miley. A MESS for Robin. And a MESS for MTV.

justin timberlake

The man who basically stole and saved the show, was the “President of Pop”, Justin Timberlake. I’m not even going get into to his look, I’m already giving him a YES! Very bias I know, but it’s my blog. With that being said, every 90’s kid around the world eagerly anticipated the reunion of *NSYNC. Thankfully a reunion did happen, unfortunately if you blinked you probably missed it.


Wearing Suits but no Ties.


I hadn’t been this excited since the Destiny Child reunion at the Super Bowl, so it was kind of a bummer when they performed together for 2 minutes. No real medley was played for the fans, but maybe that was for the best considering the guys clearly had a hard time keeping up with JT. All in all, it was great to see them back together and great to see Justin Timberlake perform for 15 minutes, and pick up his well deserved award. YES!

By the way, the fact that I can remember all of *NSYNC’s and JT’s songs proves I’m getting old. When did that happen?!!

Did you torture yourself and watch the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards?

Was the show and the fashions a MESS or a YES?



21 Aug


This Sunday marks the 12th anniversary of the death of Aaliyah. In honor of Miss Haughton, this edition of Spotlight pays tribute to her stylish influence then and now.

At just 22, Aaliyah had accomplished more than her peers, having successfully managed to transition from music to acting. Her music, which consisted of three albums, was what she was known for, however, her style was not to be missed. Aaliyah had a magical way of innovating trends, which are still very relevant today.  As she matured so did her music and ultimately her style as well. It is so easy to spot her influence in the artists of today, such as DrakeRita Ora, and Rihanna to name a few. I’d like to think that if she were here she’d be a triple threat, in music, acting, and fashion. She is a trendsetter in every sense of the word. Let’s take a look at 3 distinct trademarks that made Aaliyah who she was and what she will always be remembered for.


You can’t think of Aaliyah without thinking of her signature trademark. She had the best hair in the music industry, even now, no one’s hair has ever come close! I was always fascinated with how full, healthy, and layered her hair was. And she always kept things interesting by cover her eye, giving a mysterious and sexy vibe without even trying.




Aaliyah was always spotted with a stylish pair of shades, adding more mystery to her private persona.



 What made Aaliyah stand out from other songtresses of the 90’s were her fashions, “street but sweet”  described her music and her style as well.  She had effortlessly mastered the craft of appealing to all sexes, with a crafty ability of wearing tom boyish attire while still remaining sexy and sweet, a feat that not many have been able to carry. She was known for her baggy jeans, mid driff baring tops, bandanas, and boxer briefs. Now, if you have paid any attention to the trends as of late, all of what she was wearing back then is now back in style.

“I stay true to myself and my style and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original.” 




This post is bittersweet for me. I really admired Aaliyah so spotlighting her influence is an easy one, however putting together a montage of her life brings forth sadness. I can’t believe it’s been 12 years. I, as well as all of you, can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news. For me and the many people of my generation, her death was hard to grasp. Other than Biggie and Tupac, we had never had a young, female artist die in such a tragic way. It’s a constant reminder that death has no age limit and to cherish the time you have because you never know when that time is up.

One of my all time favorite pictures of her. Taken from the 'We Need A Resolution' video. Stunning!

One of my all time favorite pictures of her. Taken from the ‘We Need A Resolution’ video. Stunning!

A trendsetter in every sense of the word. Aaliyah rocking an ombre hairstyle.

A trendsetter in every sense of the word. Aaliyah rocking an ombre hairstyle.

On August 25th, as you reminisce about Aaliyah, play her music, watch her videos, and search through countless photos of her on the internet, take the time out to say a little prayer for her mother and brother, as well as, the 8 other victim’s families. This day is hard for her fans, but extremely hard for them as well. I leave you with a poem that her brother, Rashad Haughton, dedicated to her.

Written by Rashad Haughton. Courtesy of Aaliyah.com

Written by Rashad Haughton. Courtesy of Aaliyah.com


19 Aug

It is often said that “September is the January of the fashion world”.  Ahh, such an exciting time! Let’s take a look at a few of the magazines I recently picked up.

I was pleased to see Sarah Jessica Parker flashing her dazzling smile for Terry Richardson in a glittery Marc Jacobs dress. Very Carrie Bradshaw!

Harper's Bazaar US

Judging by the cover, I didn’t think the photos of Ms. Barrymore would be that great. But thankfully I was wrong. Her photos were wonderful, shot by Michelangelo Di Battista and styled by Melissa Rubini.


I normally never buy Lucky, but that changed  when I saw Serena van der Woodsen on the cover!  Mrs. Ryan Reynolds never disappoints in the fashion department and this issue proved that. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier and styled by Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele.

Lucky Magazine

I like Jennifer Lawrence, I really do. This cover on the other hand… I could do without. Vogue is the original, the Holy Grail in the fashion world, so why on earth would this shot make the cover?! Where’s the fashion? Where’s the style? This cover does nothing for the Oscar winner’s unique beauty. It looks like she took a senior picture, that just so happened to be fabulous enough to make the cover of Vogue.


I have to give major props to W Magazine for putting a real model on the cover of their September Issue. I mean seriously, my Model Moment segments are usually filled with actresses or singers on the covers of magazines and ads. There’s nothing wrong with that, however I feel we need to see models back on the covers of our favorite fashion publications. Thankfully, W read my mind. Mert Alas & Marcus photographed Cara Delevingne and her fabulously arched eyebrows for the coveted cover, wearing Marc Jacobs.


Happy Reading!


17 Jun


Who could possibly bring high fashion chic to a comic book? None other than Tom Ford of course! The new fall ads, shot by the designer himself, brings forth a comic/retro/glam feel that I am absolutely loving!



Showcasing abstract and animal prints, this collection will be filling the closets of fashionistas everywhere!



I can already see Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwen Stefani wearing some of these pieces this fall!


Tom Ford Eyewear and Menswear are making a fashionable splash as well.





Dare I ask, but are you feeling the new ads? Is the Tom Ford fall campaign a MESS or a YES?


13 Jun

brooke shields

I really love doing the SUPERMODEL FLASHBACK segments every week. I get a sense of excitement every Thursday and it makes me happy to know that this segment is becoming a constant staple on Miss Monet. With that being said let us get into this weeks flashback, Brooke Shields.

Shields began modeling in 1966 at just 11 months old, landing her first job for Ivory Soap.  She carried on a successful career as a child model working for Eileen Ford, who later stated that she started the children’s division of Ford Models strictly for Shields.

brooke shields

Shields found great success in the 80’s, becoming the youngest model ever to debut on the cover of VOGUE, and proceeded to dominate the magazine for an astonishing 14 covers.  After becoming a cover model, she went on to  appear in print and TV ads for Calvin Klein, all at the age of 14. The ads for Calvin Klein Jeans, featured Shields using the famous tagline “You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”  Both Shields and Klein’s careers catapulted after the ads aired, even though they were deemed too controversial.


Iconic Calvin Klein ad shot by Richard Avedon

Iconic Calvin Klein ad shot by Richard Avedon

By the age of 16 Shields had done what most models try to do, transition from modeling to acting. While others struggle to accomplish or even maintain both, Shields had done it without breaking a sweat. Thanks to movies like Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon, Hollywood was very familiar with her and not just because of her face. In February 1981, Time magazine reported that her day rate as a model was $10,000. And by the end of 1983, Shields was on the covers of PARIS VOGUEAMERICAN VOGUE , and  ITALIAN VOGUE all between the months of September through December. 


brooke shields

Brooke Shields was the face of the 80’s, became the sitcom- actress of the 90’s and an advocate for postpartum depression in the new millennium. She has long surpassed the careers of her peers and has proven that she is more than just a pretty face.

brooke shields


8 Jun


Carrie Bradshaw is back and she’s here to stay!  Sarah Jessica Parker is teaming up with Manolo Blahnik.Yes those Manolos! The same shoes that became a constant staple and instant fashion hit for six seasons on ‘Sex and the City’. The actress and the CEO of Manolo Blahnik, George Malkemuso are creating a line of bags, shoes, and trenches. During an interview with VOGUE, Parker announced the news saying,  “In a silly way, I think it’s what people have expected of me most because of Carrie Bradshaw.”


So what can fans and fashionistas expect from the new line, aptly titled ‘SJP’? Well, for starters the line will run exclusively at Nordstrom early next year. The line will feature pumps and flats which will run between $200 and $300. “Because I got to play that role, I wore a lot of shoes,” Parker said. “And by  default I learned an enormous amount. It’s hard to walk away from that.”

Carrie Bradshaw!

Carrie Bradshaw!

Bags and trenches are also part of the fashionable menu.  “We’re putting new colors together that people don’t typically do, just  beautiful combinations that you wish existed in your closet.”  Don’t be surprised if your bag has a vintage feel to them, Parker is getting inspiration from “the period of the seventies into the  eighties”.

Foreshadowing of whats to come? SJP holding the famous Manolo Blahnik, from the SATC movie, at a Fashion's Night Out event in 2011.

Foreshadowing of whats to come? SJP holding the famous Manolo Blahnik, from the SATC movie, at a Fashion’s Night Out event in 2011.

So, SJP is bringing Carrie back! Some call this irony, I call it fashion fate! 2014 is looking better than ever!

Are you as excited to hear this as I am?  Will the SJP Collection be a MESS or a YES?


30 May


Three words come to mind when I see Miguel  : ECLECTIC,  EDGY and EVER-EVOLVING.  Not since Prince, has there been an artist so innovative with his music as well as his fashion. Typing the phrase ‘Miguel Fashion Style’ into Google and watching his video for Adorn and the newly How Many Drinks, only  further cemented my belief that he is a fashion icon in his own right.


Every true artist has their signature style. For Michael Jackson it was the glove, for Beyoncé its the wind machine, I mean you didn’t really think her hair blew like that on it’s own did you? And for Miguel it’s a leather jacket and stylish sunglasses that never leaves his side.  I love a man in a suit, however a suit and tie doesn’t always equate to style. And what draws me to Miguel, is the fact that he has his own unique style that he created to cater to his very unique personality.


The R ‘n’ B rock star has such a futuristic take on fashion, it’s not a shock that he admires Hedi Slimane of Saint Laurent Paris.  “I’m a huge fan of Hedi Slimane’s photography. I want to meet this dude, and the fact that he’s running Saint Laurent, a Parisian brand, from Los Angeles makes it extra ill to me.”


Another thing that sets him apart from the rest is the fact that he knows the importance of accessorizing and… how to do it. Yes, straight men can benefit from accessorizing too. You will always see him with a statement necklace or ring to complete his look. His favorite pieces include his John Lennon-style Ray-Bans, a Cast of Vices ring, white gold Cartier bracelets and rings, and a wallet chain by the Great Frog.



Miguel is the definition of individuality, his confidence shines through not only in his music, but also in his style.  In a world filled with men dressing the same because they are too afraid of being considered ‘gay’ to try something different, Miguel is a breath of fresh air. He’s a visual voice for the stylishly challenged, proving that the only way you can achieve your own signature style is with confidence.

And that is the perfect FASHION TURN ON for me!


Is Miguel changing the way men dress? Is his style a MESS or a YES??


15 May

Gladiator Heels

2 words: MUST HAVE!  What am I talking about?  Gladiator heels! Duh, hence the title of the post. Gone are the days of regular sandals and pumps, gladiator heels are the hottest thing in fashion right now. Making their grand debut on the runways of the Spring 2013 shows, these bold and tall showstoppers are a fashionable hybrid of a strappy sandal and a cut away boot. Let’s take a look at some of the many different looks of this season’s most fabulous shoe.

Tom Ford Strappy Buckled Sandal Boot

tom ford beige strappy buckle sandal boot

I’m having a major shoegasm just looking at these!! Imagine how I’d be trying these on!  When I think gladiator heel this is the only shoe that comes to my mind. It’s so lux, sexy and is the perfect definition of a showstopper. Available in black, gold, nude, and silver. These have been featured everywhere and on everyone.

Rihanna wearing the stiletto stunners on a recent outing.


Jennifer Lopez standing tall on the cover of the February 2013 issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

Jennifer Lopez

The gold is my favorite! Getting all kinds of ‘Metropolis’ vibes from this one!


Jimmy Choo Mogul Gladiator Sandals  

jimmychoo mogul gladiator sandals

jimmychoo mogul gladiator sandalsThese black suede caged cuties feature golden studs, a lace up front, and a 4″ heel. Only Jimmy Choo could design a sandal that is fierce without losing it’s sex and classy appeal.

Rita Ora getting a leg up in her ‘Moguls’.

rita ora

Jennifer Lopez for Harper’s Bazaar, again.

jennifer lopez

For the ‘BARBIE’ in all of us.


Gianvito Rossi for Altuzarra – Embellished leather cage sandals



These beauties are part of the Altuzarra and Gianvito Rossi collaboration. The stud embellishments, beaded leaf appliques and the 4″ heels are just the mere affect of fabulousness that these cage leather sandals can provide. Feel free to drool now!

Ciara making her promo rounds.



Versace – Leather gladiator sandal boots


Hot off the runway! This refreshing take on the color nude is such a breath of fresh air for the otherwise, darker tones of the gladiator heels that I’ve shown. What’s the best part? The sandals feature the iconic  Medusa medallion embellishment on each strap. Pair this with a monochromatic ensemble and you are sure to turn heads!

Versace Spring 2013


Nicki Minaj on American Idol

Nicki Minaj


Brian Atwood – Electra leather cutout knee-high boots


 Brian Atwood’s black leather knee-high boots can easily cross over from season to season. The intricately cutout, slim heel boot has seductiveness written all over it. These shoes are a stand-out staple piece for the ages. Wear with caution!

Selena Gomez proving how seductive these really are!

selena gomez

ELECTRIFING Electra! I’m loving these in red!


And orange!



So there you have it, you’ve just experienced Shoe Porn,  I hope it was as good for you as it was for me! 😉   The hottest shoes for the spring/summer season are right at your fingertips! Now, the hard part….. getting them!  

What do think of this season’s Gladiator heels? Are they a MESS or a YES…..


7 May

Forget what you heard, fashion’s BIGGEST night out is here and it’s happening right now! The Met Ball or Gala (depending on who you talk to) is currently underway. The biggest names in the fashion industry, from designers and supermodels to fashion editors and stylists are all gathered under one roof for a formal affair of cocktails and dinner. Throw in Hollywood’s biggest actors, singers, and a reality star and you’ve got an evening that will go down in fashion history. Tonight’s theme is Punk, to celebrate the start of the museum’s exhibit “Punk Chaos to Couture”, and although there wasn’t much punk to be seen, there were some looks that are worthy of a MESS or a YES verdict. Let’s get started!


Madonna, followed the punk theme in Givenchy Haute Couture.  I love this look on her! She stuck with the theme, had fun with it, and looks flawless doing it. YES!


Nicki Minaj, the Head Barbie in Charge,  opted for a more subdued look in Tommy Hilfiger. I was expecting her, of all people, to really show up and show out. It’s a theme and she’s known for her outrageous costumes, this would have been the perfect platform for that. She didn’t even bring out the pink wig or a crazy face. MESS or more like SNOOZEFEST! 😥


The hair! The eyeliner! Those legs! Karolina Kurkova definitely reminded us why she is a supermodel. She looked stunning in Mary Katranztou. YES!


Coco Rocha remembered what the theme was in a gold moth embellished, leopard print gown by Fausto Puglisi for Emanuel Ungaro. Normally this would be a mess, but because it’s the Met Ball and I love the bangs it’s a YES.

kerry washington

Kerry Washington or Olivia Pope, for all you Scandal fans out there, glowed in Vera Wang. She looks beautiful as always, but I was unimpressed. A little too safe for me. MESS!

Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrating the Punk: Chaos To Couture exhibition, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, America - 06 May 2013 Pic: David Fisher/ Rex Features

Miley Cyrus wore a mesh gown by Marc Jacobs which is a MESS. The only thing punk here is her hair and that’s a MESS too.


Katy Perry gave a punk like pose while wearing a Dolce & Gabbana ensemble straight off the runway, with bejeweled crown and matching cross earrings. Accesories sold separately.  MESS!!


Taylor Swift in J.Mendel. SNOOZEFEST!


Newly blonde, Ann Hathaway looked suprisingly good in vintage Valentino. Vintage is always better! YES!


Jennifer Lopez in a Michael Kors black, leopard sequin embroidered gown. Dress= YES. Hair= MESS.


Solange Knowles in Kenzo + an afro = YES! Although I am getting more 70’s Disco thank Punk, but I am loving Kenzo at the moment!

Heidi Klum

MESS! I was expecting so much more from Ms. Heidi Klum, considering she’s known to go all out for her annual Halloween parties, not this safe mother of the bride Marchesa gown.


Kimye made their first couples apperance at the Met. Kanye is regularly known to make an appearance every year, however this is Kim’s first time. She’s a Met Ball virgin! I expected a little more from her, since this is her first appearance, but instead I got this  floral Givenchy gown with matching gloves. Kanye was clad in Ricardo Tisci by Givenchy as well. Hopefully the arrival of their baby will get him smiling again. Pregnant or not these soon-to-be parents are a DOUBLE MESS!


Nicole Richie made a haunting appearance this year in a high neck, long sleeve column gown by TopShop and glowing white, silver hair. It’s like a cross between Casper and X-Men’s Storm. Come on Nicole, you can do better.  You have done better.  MESS!


Leave it to Sarah Jessica Parker to go all out, they don’t call her Carrie Bradshaw for nothing! The Louis Vuitton boots are amazing and the Philip Treacy headpiece is perfect for the occasion. Although, the Giles Deacon gown is at war with the boots, not enough spotlight for the both of them. Sorry SJP it’s a MESS for me. I still love you though!


Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci and Rooney Mara looked like the perfect wedding topper. Both co-chairs were dressed in Givenchy, of course! Not punk, but it is Givenchy and how often does a girl get to pose with the designer?  YES!


The Queen of the Fashion World and her daughter Bee Shaffer made the festivites per usual. Anna dressed in a floral Chanel gown and her daughter looking pristine in Christian Dior. Wasn’t really expecting Anna to follow the punk theme, however we are in the presence of High Fashion Royalty so……. this is still a MESS. Sorry your Highness.


2013’s Honorary Chairwoman, Beyonce made a lasting impression, showing up fashionably late on the red carpet. Just like last year, Mrs. Carter decided to wear Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. Now, I love a dramatic entrance and hers was definitely dramatic. However, the purpose of arriving fashionably late is to show up fashionable and this was not executed in the slightest. The golden-flame baroque print is too overpowering of a design to wear with matching boots and gloves. If you look at her hands from a far it looks like a bacteria-eating skin disease, and that grommet belt and sequin tube top?!! Seriously?! It cheapens the entire look. MESS!!

That’s all the looks for now. However, I just have one question: WHERE IS LADY GAGA WHEN YOU NEED HER?? Unless I missed something she was noticeably absent from the festivites. I know she is recovering from hip surgery, but I wish she could have attended. She would have done PUNK right!

What were your favorite looks of the evening? Were they a MESS OR A YES?


1 Apr



Hi, my name is Miss Monet  and I have an addiction to Justin Timberlake! His musical resume is quite impressive, but what impresses me even more is his newly adopted look. Music and style go hand in hand; you can’t have one without the other. That would be like having peanut butter without jelly, or a suit without a tie (no pun intended). Majority of people won’t even remember an artist for their performance; they’ll remember it from what that artist was wearing. Lady Gaga anyone? My point is there is no music without style, and luckily, Mr. JT has successfully found a way to merge the two.


Watching him ignite the stage at this year’s Grammy’s was proof that this is a new and improved Justin. The 20/20 Experience is such a mature sound and it is only fitting that with a new sound comes a new look. I love it when artists evolve for the better, it makes them more relatable. Gone are the days of the curly blonde hair and cornrows, the outlandish boy band getups or that God-awful matching denim outfit that he wore with Britney.

Matchy matchy

Matchy matchy

Yes, I even loved him dressed like this....

Yes, I even loved him dressed like this….

Instead we have been graced with Tom Ford suits, butterfly bowties,  a new hairstyle, and that amazing cap toe Christian Louboutin shoe that every man should have. Check out the Mirrors video if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about.


Christian Louboutin "Gareth"

Christian Louboutin “Gareth”

Bringing StyleBack.  Currently, being dubbed the new Cary Grant, or Frank Sinatra, JT has proven that he is every stylists and designers dream come true. Tom Ford, who has lent his talents to Justin’s new style, was shocked to know that style and class still exist with the younger generation.  “When you’re someone in your early 50s, and a major global pop star who’s barely 30 identifies with your style and wants you to make all his clothes, you think, ‘I’m still valid,’ ” Mr. Ford said.  “These kids grew up in a generation of baggy shorts and baggy athletic clothes, and now they want some kind of little formal touch to something,” he added. “They want the glamour of suits and ties.”   

Bringing Style Back

Bringing Style Back


March 2009

This is how a couple should match! I approve!

This is how a couple should match! I approve!

New Life. New Wife. New Style.

New Life. New Wife. New Style.

Thoughts on Mr. JT’s new style?? Is it a MESS OR A YES?