24 Jul
The fashions of Mrs. Carter.

The fashions of Mrs. Carter.

On Saturday I had the privilege of seeing Mrs. Carter aka Beyoncé in concert, and although this was my second time attending one of her tours and my seats weren’t nearly as good as before, the excitement I had for seeing Blue Ivy’s mama could not be contained! Her Royal Highness put on an incredible show as usual, I mean seriously, this woman was born to perform. She lit up the stage like the talented entertainer that she is, proving to us why she is the Queen Bey. But alas, I’m not here to give a review on the concert,  I’m here to give a review on the fashions that adorned Mrs. Carter’s royal body. Let’s get started!

Promo ad for the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

Promo ad for the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

The promo pics for the tour billed Beyoncé as a modern day Marie Antoinette, giving a clear indication as to how intricate the details of her fashions would be. Unlike the I AM… WORLD TOUR where Thierry Mugler created her entire performance wardrobe, Bey had help from high fashion friends Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci, the designing duos of DSquared2 and The Blonds, Emilio Pucci’s Peter Dundas, David Koma, Julien Macdonald, Kenzo,  Ralph & Russo, Stuart Weitzman (for the shoes of course) and Vrettos Vrettakos.

Ralph & Russo.  After a video intro displayed showing King Bey being escorted to her throne Beyoncé made her grand entrance, dressed in a white pearl sequined bodysuit that fit onto her body perfectly. It’s hard to believe that bodysuits existed before the Single Ladies video because they have certainly taken on a new life since Sasha Fierce started wearing them.


Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. My favorite look of the night featured Mrs. Carter in a black bodysuit embroidered with sequined stars and stripes, a black sequined ear-trimmed hat and a sparkly tear-away cape!



Emilio Pucci. In all honesty, I was not a fan of these 2 looks. I felt the designs looked better on paper. And don’t even get me started on that oversize hat!



 Vrettos Vrettakos . The sparkly blue long sleeve jumpsuit is perfect for being put in a harness and gliding across the arena. The rest of the show was performed wearing Kenzo for her performance for the unreleased single Grown Woman, and David Koma for the anthem Single Ladies.

Beyonce gliding in Vrettos Vrettakos.

Beyonce gliding in Vrettos Vrettakos.

Performing 'Grown Woman' in Kenzo.

Performing ‘Grown Woman’ in Kenzo.

David Koma

David Koma

I wasn’t too fond of the wardrobe for this tour, I think it’s great that a slew of designers came together to create for her but, with different designers comes different styles and that was very apparent during this tour. None of the outfits were able to tell a story because they were so different, which in turn created looks that appeared to be all over the place with no real theme. Thierry Mugler was the only designer for her last tour, the I AM…WORLD TOUR, and it was very obvious that he was going for a fierce, futuristic feel which transcended throughout the entire show.

Another thing that bugged me is the fact that a lot of the pieces she wore overseas she did not wear stateside, such as, The Blonds custom created, 30,000 Swarovski crystal hand embroidered, nipple protruding corset that took 600 hours to make. Why didn’t she wear that? Was it because it was too risqué for America?  And what about the other two creations, thought up by Peter Dundas for Emilio Pucci, that she didn’t show off. Did she forget to pack these items too?

Have you or will you be attending The Mrs.Carter Show World Tour? Is Mrs. Carter’s tour wardrobe a MESS or a YES?

Check out the slideshow of Mrs. Carter’s wardrobe at the bottom. And be sure to check out music writer, Veronica Grandison’s concert review

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  1. winniethefashionista July 26, 2013 at 2:04 pm #

    I agree.The Emilio Pucci outfits did not do her justice.But her Vrettos Vrettakos outfit is my favourite.The Givenchy is also not so bad.But yeah,too many designers…not such a great thing.


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