13 Jun

brooke shields

I really love doing the SUPERMODEL FLASHBACK segments every week. I get a sense of excitement every Thursday and it makes me happy to know that this segment is becoming a constant staple on Miss Monet. With that being said let us get into this weeks flashback, Brooke Shields.

Shields began modeling in 1966 at just 11 months old, landing her first job for Ivory Soap.  She carried on a successful career as a child model working for Eileen Ford, who later stated that she started the children’s division of Ford Models strictly for Shields.

brooke shields

Shields found great success in the 80’s, becoming the youngest model ever to debut on the cover of VOGUE, and proceeded to dominate the magazine for an astonishing 14 covers.  After becoming a cover model, she went on to  appear in print and TV ads for Calvin Klein, all at the age of 14. The ads for Calvin Klein Jeans, featured Shields using the famous tagline “You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”  Both Shields and Klein’s careers catapulted after the ads aired, even though they were deemed too controversial.


Iconic Calvin Klein ad shot by Richard Avedon

Iconic Calvin Klein ad shot by Richard Avedon

By the age of 16 Shields had done what most models try to do, transition from modeling to acting. While others struggle to accomplish or even maintain both, Shields had done it without breaking a sweat. Thanks to movies like Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon, Hollywood was very familiar with her and not just because of her face. In February 1981, Time magazine reported that her day rate as a model was $10,000. And by the end of 1983, Shields was on the covers of PARIS VOGUEAMERICAN VOGUE , and  ITALIAN VOGUE all between the months of September through December. 


brooke shields

Brooke Shields was the face of the 80’s, became the sitcom- actress of the 90’s and an advocate for postpartum depression in the new millennium. She has long surpassed the careers of her peers and has proven that she is more than just a pretty face.

brooke shields


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