18 Feb


Alicia Keys performed at last night’s All-Star game wearing Herve Leger from the Fall 2013 collection. A few days ago, I blogged about my love for the new collection and how in awe I was of a few looks, this being one of them. However, when I wrote my commentary, I stated that I could definitely see Gwen Stefani rocking this sequin cube crop- topped, leather sweatpants ensemble, and I still feel that way.  hl1

I love Ms. Keys or Mrs. Beatz whatever she goes by now, but this look does nothing for her. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I mean what happened?? I’ve never seen Herve look this bad on someone.  I understand that she, like all women,  has a different body type than the models that strut on the runways, so why wasn’t this tailored to better fit her or why was this outfit picked at all?? This does nothing for her pear- shaped figure especially paired with her Reebok ‘AKW’ wedged sneakers. All of that together just made her look shorter than ever. Who’s her stylist? Or is she just styling herself?





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